Most Useful Travel Apps

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This is our list of the Travel Apps that we make use of on our travels:


  • MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe): We would have been lost without this – literally. Joking aside when Wi-fi is nowhere to be found or your 4G has headed for the hills this App of offline maps has your back. You download the countries that you’re visiting and it uses your mobile GPS to track where you’re going without having any phone signal.
  • Google Maps: Another great maps app, we used it a few times when didn’t recognise a place that we were going to (as a back-up). Its fun to get lost sometimes and you can find some real gems of places wandering around, but  if you do want to find somewhere quickly or are lost these apps were invaluable.


  • Uber: We found that this was available in all the major cities and was usually the cheapest option.
  • Grab: Similar to Uber, but for Southeast Asia.
  • Momondo: Cheap flight comparison site.
  • Skyscanner: Cheap flight comparison site.
  • Rome to Rio: Find a route to anywhere, we used this the most when planning our trip.


  • Trail Wallet: We used this everyday to keep track of every penny spent. It keeps a running total of the number days you have been travelling, your overall budget and how you are spending against it. You can add lots of different currencies to it and it can breakdown your spending in graphs. At the moment it is only available on the App Store.
  • XECurrency: We used this most days as with some many different currencies it could be hard to keep track. It was great as it gives you real time currency rates and saves the rates when there is no internet.
  • Banking Apps: Revolut and Monzo make it easy to manage your money and avoid excess fees. We use both as they have spending limits.


  • We found this to be the best App for when we wanted to prebook our accommodation – usually when we would be turning up late at night or just wanted our first night sorted. We became a genius booker in no time which gave us discounts and it showed us the total price upfront.
  • This was good for some amazing one off deals or for giving a bit more of variety, but we did not use it as much as the end price was always different and it was a bit more hassle to search. It is worth it for keeping an eye out for the big discounts however.
  • Airbnb: We used this in the UK a lot for group weekends away as it could provide a cheap alternative. It will probably prove most useful to us in Australia.
  • TripAdvisor: One of the most useful Travel Apps we downloaded; it always helps to hear from other travellers and rarely did us wrong.

Backup and storage:

  • Dropbox: We backed up all of our photos to dropbox and also saved copies of important travel documents on there.
  • Google Photos: Stores an unlimited amount of phots for free with auto backup over Wi-Fi.


  • Prey: This app is for locating lost or stolen belongings.
  • Tile: a gadget which tracks your possessions. We kept one in our backpack so we could locate it if it got lost. You use the app on your mobile in order to locate the signal sent out via the Tile.


  • WhatsApp: Send messages and call for free over Wi-Fi. We used this the most to keep in contact with friends and family.
  • Skype: Call for free over Wi-Fi.
  • Snapchat: A fun way of keeping in touch and sending picture/video stories back home.


  • Google Translate: You never know when it might come in handy, it can also translate text which helped keep us fed at times!
  • WiFox: Gives you continually updated maps of airport and lounge Wi-Fi passwords worldwide.
  • Snapseed: Photo editing software app.
  • Kindle: The most important app of all if you love to read! Carry your library and save on your luggage allowance.

Leave us a comment of any other useful Travel Apps that you use?

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