Southeast Asia Packing List Tech and other items

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Southeast Asia Packing List Tech and other items


  • Laptop – necessary if you want to work, blog or complete a course while travelling. We chose an Apple MacBook Air as it’s really light, thin and fits perfectly in the front of our Osprey backpack.
  • Speck Hard Shell Case – to protect the Macbook while travelling.
  • Tablet – We used an Apple Ipad Air ( and Ipad case ( which functioned as a kindle, a tv, a board game and for researching on the go.
  • Travel Adapter- Fospower on This one has 2 USB fast charging ports and adapts for different countries.  We could charge all our electronics at once and it held up well under the weight of the Mac charger when the sockets were unusually placed. Great product. Find on eBay UK
  • Power Pack – Rav Power. This was invaluable at times with 2 USB ports (one fast charging USB) and a torch. It lasted about 4/5 phone charges.
  • Charging cables
  • Unlocked Smart phone – We took the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ( a spare battery. It’s a great phone for photos and you can put in a micro usb in for extra picture storage. You can pick up tourist sim cards in every country really cheaply so you’ll always be connected.
  • Camera – We used the Note 4 as the quality is great and doesn’t take up a lot of room while travelling light.
  • Go Pro – We didn’t take one but was one of the things we maybe wish we did invest in.
  • Tile – a gadget which tracks your possessions. We kept one in our back pack so we could locate it if it got lost. You use an app on your mobile in order to locate the signal sent out via the Tile.


Other Items: 


  • Waterproof bag – Sea to Summit 4lt ( is a good option, it kept our phone and money dry while tubing and other water sports. We also picked up a cheap bigger waterproof bag with a strap which we put the smaller one in as it was easy to carry and gave extra protection (there are loads of stalls selling these in parts of SEA).
  • Backpack rain cover – A must if you get caught in a downpour which are frequent Southeast Asia. We used the Osprey cover ( which fitted our backpacks.
  • Laundry wash bag e.g. ‘Scrubba.’ Doubles as a laundry sack and for doing your own washing, I didn’t take this as its so cheap to get laundry done around southeast asia, but its worth checking out if you want to do all your own washing.


  • Travel money belt – We used the Spi belt ( and this was one of our favourite items we took. It was well made and could hold your money and cards or passports. It was also invisible under clothes and it was not uncomfortable to wear.
  • Bra-stash – A small amount of money or a card can be held for emergencies. The best place is to attach it to the side of your bra, invisible and comfertable.
  • Emergency alarm – this put Sasha’s mind at rest for going out at night. It clipped to her handbag and was out of sight.


  • Combination and padlocks locks – these ones are a good choice as you can’t lose any keys. We used one for our bags and one for lockers.
  • Water Bottle – Platypus is a good option holds a litre of water is very durable and packs up small.


  • Wallet – This one from Mighty Wallet ( looks like a map and is pretty cool and waterproof. We got this as it might help slightly in a theft situation.
  • Silk sleeping bag liner – Invaluable for camping, against beds that looks less hygienic and for cold bus journeys.
    • Ear plugs – for noisy nights and cockerels which drive you mad. Macks Ear Seals I found to be the best
    • Travel towel – We used linen towels as they are light, fast drying and they get softer the more you use them. Much better we thought than the microfiber absorbent towel, but if you prefer one of these then checkout the PackTowel (
    • Travel Tripod – light weight with a bluetooth clicker (
    • Small diary and pens – helps to keep track of where you have been and where you are going
    • Hacky Sack and Frisbee – not really a necessity but we found them fun at the beach
    • Playing cards
    • Games – we downloaded a few free games on the iPad (Risk, Back Gammon, Pandemic, Scrabble, Cluedo) for long journeys and airports. 

*Disclaimer: We have added affiliate links in this post to save you some time if you want to look at any items in more detail. However, we recommend you shop around for the best deals and for items that to suit your needs as we were able to find some good discounts by doing this.

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  2. absolutely loved reading all your stuff on laos . can’t wait till we go in december .
    best wishes
    lindsay and andrea

    1. You will have an amazing time in Laos, we actually have one more post to write for Laos on the Pakse Bolaven Plateau Motorbike loop so keep an eye out for that one, it was the highlight of our trip 🙂

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