We are Carl and Sasha the creators of our blog Packsandaplan.

The year leading up to our trip had us spending most nights glued to our laptops researching our trip; scrolling through hundreds of blogs, forums and websites to pull together a useable plan. The amount of time this took was crazy, so we created Packsandaplan for three reasons:

  • To bring the research we found into one place to save you time
  • To share the lessons we learned on the road as no matter how hard we researched there was some information that just wasn’t there
  • To provide inspiration for your own trip, all photos are our own taken with our trusty mobile phones 🙂

Our travels:

February 2017 – November 2017 has us backpacking around Southeast Asia, and following this we are heading to Australia for a year. Beyond this? Who knows – we will see where the wind takes us!


Happy planning!